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Sphinx against the sea

A concrete colossus, 30 metres high, in the centre of Zeeland’s Eastern Scheldt. From the top the view is unique; those who are patient can spot seals and porpoises passing by regularly. Nowadays this pillar is mainly used for climbing and abseiling: the pillar actually contains a shaft that is tens of metres deep through which adventurers can descend far beneath sea level.

distance from Schiphol : 135 km 


Zeeland beaches

Domburg, one of the oldest beachresorts of the Netherlands, was long regarded as a hotspot for the Dutch and international elite. In the dunes, they built stately villas and summer residences. The village on the west coast of the island of Walcheren attracted a host of artists. Famous painters such as Jan Toorop and Piet Mondriaan were inspired by the illustrious ensemble of Zeeland light and the sea.

distance from Schiphol : 153 km    

Highway on water

The robust lockable storm surge barrier across the Eastern Scheldt – to ensure that the water cannot rise higher than three metres above NAP. On top runs part of the highway which connects the islands of Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Beveland. In 2002 the Eastern Scheldt was declared a National Park. With its 37,000 hectares (made up of water, sandbanks, mudflats and salt marshes), this nature reserve is the largest in the Netherlands.

distance from Schiphol : 135 km


Medieval streets

Cobbles, old warehouses and stately, beautifully-renovated mansions with step gables dominate the tiny street Kuiperspoort in the centre of Middelburg. Relics of Middelburg’s 15th-century history with the East India Company when barrels and casks were made. A stone’s throw away is the Arne Marina. There too, Middelburg feels like a historic costume drama.

distance from Schiphol : 152 km


The abbey of Middelburg was established around 11oo AD by monks from Flanders. The cloisters acquired great wealth and the complex with it’s fresco’s, ancient passageways and herb garden is simply breathtaking. (Photo: Felice Buonadonna)

distance from Schiphol : 152 km


Fishermen hangout

In 2014 Zeeland was gripped by the production of the adventure film The Admiral, about Michiel de Ruyter, the Dutch naval hero. Vlissingen, Veere, and the Old Harbour District in the historic city of Zierikzee served as the setting for many spectacular scenes: it was transformed into a 17th century vision, historic (tall) ships and sloops shining against the backdrop of ancient city gates, towers, bridges, and stately patrician homes. (Photo: Ben Biondina)

distance from Schiphol : 130 km

Industrial Vlissingen

With its strategic location, Vlissingen has been an important harbour for centuries. Most of the ships of the Royal Netherlands Navy are built here in giant shipyards. The regular sea breeze that blows through town and some of its architecture give Vlissingen a typical maritime character. There are many historic buildings around, reminding of the harbour’s golden ages and of the daily life of the people who lived there. (Photo: Ben Biondina)

distance from Schiphol : 164 km

Waterlandkerkje; West Zeeuws Vlaanderen; dorpsgezicht, religie,geloof, beeldende kunst; wonen en leven; bomenrij, rust en ruimte

About a mermaid

This small church stands in the heart of a tiny village in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. One of the many myths and legends in Zeeland is situated in this village; a tale about a fisherman, a mermaid and a prophesy…   (Photo: Dennis Wisse)

distance from Schiphol :  212 km

Postcard perfect

Veere was the staple port for Scotland between 1541 and 1799. Flemish architects Antonis Keldermans and Evert Spoorwater designed the Grote Kerk, the fortifications, the Cisterne and the town hall. During this period of prosperity, the cultural centre was located at Sandenburgh castle. Court painter Jan Gossaert van Mabuse and the poet Adrianus Valerius lived and worked in this city. (Photo: Ben Biondina)

distance from Schiphol : 147 km


Mud flats and salt marshes

Zeeland has polders, dikes, beaches, dunes, seas, lakes, forests, creeks, rivers, islands, mud flats and salt marshes. Beware: salt marshes flood with seawater during extremely high water levels or storms. (Photo: Ben Biondina)

distance from Schiphol : 214 km

Heavy traffic

The Western Scheldt is the estuary of the Scheldt river. It is an important shipping route to the Port of Antwerp, Belgium. Therefore, unlike the other sea arms, it is not closed by a dam as part of the Delta Works. Instead, the dykes around it have been heightened and reinforced. (Photo: Ben Seelt)

distance from Schiphol : 164 km

schepen op Westerschelde tegen Vlissingen

The klondike of Zeeland

The small village of Yerseke is well known in the region and farther afield, especially in Belgium, for its aquaculture and fishing industry: particularly for the cultivation of mussels, oysters, periwinkles, and lobster. Due to the economic success and wealth created by the oyster and mussel industries, the mussels are sometimes referred to as ‘black gold’. (Photo: Eddy Westveer)

distance from Schiphol : 156 km

Pilot houses

The Belgian Loodshuizen on the Spuistraat in Vlissingen. Build in 1910, the Jugendstil/Art Nouveau mansions were commissioned by Belgian Maritime Pilots. (Photo: Ruben Oreel)

distance from Schiphol : 187 km

belgische loodsenpanden vliss


The small lighthouse of Westkapelle.

(Photo: Linda Raaphorst)

distance from Schiphol : 157 km


Winter in the dunes of the Banjaard.

(Photo: Ben Biondina)

distance from Schiphol : 142 km

vlootschouw sail


Modern and antique ships closely passing the boulevard of Vlissingen.

(Photo: Ruben Oreel)

distance from Schiphol : 188 km


The spijkerbrug, an iron drawbridge constructed in 1853, in Middelburg.

(Photo: Ben Seelt)

distance from Schiphol : 184 km

gietijzeren brug londense kaai met pakhuizen