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Filming in Zeeland

Zeeland. Land in the sea. A region marked by man’s troublesome relationship with the elements. Where winds, waves, clouds and sunbeams change the character of this old, scarred island group in the blink of an eye.

Light, contrast and drama are abundant.

Zeeland Film Commission


It’s a raw rugged old land, full of tales. Tales of dark ages and golden ages, rural life and industrialisation, high tides and low. And unfinished tales of Zeeland’s 650 kilometers of ever-changing coastline.
It’s that dynamic spectacle of the interplay of elements and eras that once drew artists like Mondriaan, moviemaker avant la lettre, to these parts.

Crew & facilities ⌵

The Zeeland Film Commission can assist in your search for local crew members and bit players, edit facilities etcetera. Additionally, we are well-equipped to give suggestions concerning appropriate alternative facilities such as accommodation, catering services and transportation.

Cash rebate ⌵

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive aims at promoting a healthy film production environment in the Netherlands and is designed to reinforce the international competitive position of the Dutch film industry as a whole.

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Km coastline


hours of sunshine


Wooden groynes

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Zeeland boasts infinite amounts of locations and backdrops for your audiovisual production. We’ve made a small selection. Do contact us however, there is so much more to see.

Film history

Throughout the years, the province of Zeeland has been a prime location for numerous small and large productions.

Michiel de Ruijter                    Wilde Mossels                    Dorsvloer vol confetti


  • Zeeland. A raw rugged old land, full of tales. Tales of dark ages and golden ages, rural life and industrialisation, high tides and low. And unfinished tales of Zeeland’s 650 kilometers of ever changing coastline. It’s that dynamic spectacle of the i

  • Last week, Nutopia, a documentary production company based in London, came to film in the Domburg area. Nutopia is making a nine part series for the BBC and PBS titled Civilisations. Civilisations introduces the greatest works of art that mankind...

  • The Zeeland Film Commission is working hard on getting a website up and running, hopefully we’ll be able to launch late april. Local video and filmmakers Maarten en Henk from Thumbed in Zierikzee have made a short promofilm with some...


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Zeeland Film Commission